epic_kal_2016_logoEpic KAL 2016

For 2016 we’re going to focus on being EPIC! First and foremost I have found its much easier to learn and focus on new things when things are organized!

“That place… is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go.” ~ Yoda Jedi Master

Venture into that dark place and clean up your stash.

Update Ravelry & Clean Up Your Stash!

  • Update your Ravelry Library
  • Update your Needle Stash
  • Update your Yarn Stash
  • Update your Queue

Then we can focus on Doing – because “Do or do not, there is no try!” ~ Yoda Jedi Master

The EPIC DO List

  • Epic Techniques: Learn/Do something new
  • Epic Yardage: 800 yds +
  • Epic Patterns (listed on Ravelry Group)
  • Epic Age: Finish old WIPs

So if you have time before the holidays you can start organizing and updating things in preparation for 2016! Otherwise in January there will be threads for chatter about organizing and stash and also FO threads for the 3 main categories listed above in the EPIC DO list!

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* Updated regularly with new additions and details


2015 Keep On Knittin’ On Socks!

Want to add to your sock drawer? Love knitting socks?  Keep on knittin’ on socks in 2015!

Come and join the sock KAL! Each completed pair of socks within a quarter is an entry for the prize drawing. Knit a pair, knit many pairs, its up to you.

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 Ravelry Group


finish_him_logoFINISH HIM KAL 2015

Jan 1st 2015 to April 30th 2015

All those things you’ve wanted to make that you just for some reason … never do. Things on your queue, in your favorites, little gifts that are not time sensitive that you never actually get to making, WIPs and UFOs. Now we are going to FINISH HIM … I mean them!

To join in the bone crushing fun, make a list of those items that you want to finally beat, clobber, crush and bring to their knees and post to the Ravelry Group by Jan 15th. This thread will be locked after that. Each time you conquer an item on your list, add it to the appropriate thread for the current month.

For items to count, they must be on your original list posted by Jan 10th 2015 and be Ravelry sanctioned crafts (knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing and weaving – also accepted will be tatting and cross stitch). No double dipping in other KALs in this group. You must be a member of the group.

Tags: FinishHimKAL2015

Items that do not count – parts of a whole (example: blanket squares do NOT count, however, you can submit the blanket itself).

ALL submissions MUST include the following information:

  • Your Ravelry name
  • Crafting dates (when the project was started and finished – unknown is OK if it is a long time WIP or UFO)
  • At least one photo showing the whole project (items that require 2 – socks, mittens, etc. must show both completed items)
  • A link to your project page (if applicable: knitting, crochet, spinning)
  • A description of your project’s size, such as “preemie hat,” “doll sweater,” “twin afghan”; yardage for spinning projects; oz or g for dyeing and dimensions for tatting and cross stitch.

There will be random monthly drawings for active participants as well as a grand drawing for those that finish their lists by April 30th (list must have 5+ items in order to be eligible for the grand drawing). Most important of all is to have fun and finally FINISH those items!!!!!

Previously Awarded Prizes:


ssskal_lg Knit a pair of socks for each season. There are no rules to what you knit – well as long as they are some form of socks (adult or big child – no baby or booties please) – whatever season it is – its up to you what color/pattern that means to you. And they have to be started and completed within the time frame of the season (listed below) to be eligible for the prize drawing. And you must be a member of the group … ok so there are three rules …

The dates for each season are below.  Each entry must be started and completed within the time frame for the season.  Visit the Ravelry Board for specific eligibility requirements for each season.

Previously Awarded Prizes:

If YOU are a vendor, indie crafter or person with a big stash and would like to donate an item, please contact me.


March 20th to June 20th

June 21st to September 21st

September 22nd to December 20th

December 21st to March 19th

Come and join the sock KAL!  Each completed pair of socks within a season is an entry for the prize drawing.  Knit a pair, knit many pairs, its up to you.

Ravelry Group

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